Originally we were going to end our mini-dungeon series for Swords & Wizardry at level 10 but we've had some requests for higher level adventures so we've added a level 9-11 adventure to both our D and L series of mini-dungeons.

Fight ferocious piranha-men in mini-dungeon module D9: Rise of the Soggith or deal with a frost giant and his magic two handed sword in mini-dungeon module L9: King of Icefang Pass.

These mini-dungeons are designed to be completed in one game session however each offer a section containing several suggestions for keeping the adventure going.

Here's our 4th sci-fi mini-adventure compatible with White Star rules: Some Miner Trouble!

Working an asteroid mine is dangerous enough without the automated robot miners and miner exo-suits running amok. Good thing your crew's there at the time to help save the day-cycle!

When an artifact encountered on the asteroid's surface infects the mine's robot control system with an alien virus there's only one things to do; grab an override gun and head down into mine.

You'll have to shutdown the bots quick. The longer they run amok the greater the chance that the mine will suffer a catastrophic breach.

We throw our magic hat into the fifth edition ring with a new series of magic items for use with fifth edition rules.

Expand on the boss monster's treasure trove with Magic Potions, Magic Bows, and Magic Weapons. Each product contains 25 new magic items for use with fifth edition. An "ink-saver" version is included with each product.

Change the tide of battle with a Potion of Damage Adaptation, Thunderstrike Bow, or a Hoarfrost Axe.

And like all our Buck-A-Batch PDFs each are priced at only a dollar.

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