We say goodbye to 2016 with our last mini-dungeon adventure release of the year- G4: Bell, Book and Candle.

The adventurers must help the monks at the Abbey of Knowledge rid themselves of three cursed items. Problem is, the three cursed items are hidden in the abbey's library. Finding the bell and candle should be easy. Finding the book might be a little like trying to find a specific piece of hay in a haystack...

This adventure joins our ever-growing library of mini-dungeons, compatible with Swords & Wizardry rules.

Watch for more G series releases in 2017!

Here's our 5th sci-fi mini-adventure compatible with White Star rules: The Last Snipe Hunt!

Ever go on a snipe hunt as a kid? Well the snipes on Kraya are a bit different than you might remember, unless the one's you remember have giant mandibles and a barbed tail...

A group of Federation soldiers swoop in just before this year's snipe hunt and shut it down. Seems they've gotten too dangerous to hunt and the Federation plans on doing away with them for good.

Thing is, the soldiers are acting a bit strange and the equipment they're using is a little out of date. Maybe they're not who they claim to be...

We throw our magic hat into the fifth edition ring with a new series of magic items for use with fifth edition rules.

Expand on the boss monster's treasure trove with Magic Potions, Magic Bows, and Magic Weapons. Each product contains 25 new magic items for use with fifth edition. An "ink-saver" version is included with each product.

Change the tide of battle with a Potion of Damage Adaptation, Thunderstrike Bow, or a Hoarfrost Axe.

And like all our Buck-A-Batch PDFs each are priced at only a dollar.

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