Here's our 3rd sci-fi mini-adventure compatible with the White Star RPG: Revolt at the Spire!

The crew takes a job escorting an odite crystal piano to the Crystalspire resort for the "Maestro's" concert. Turns out the resort's service staff doesn't care for the Maestro's music very much. See, the staff members are crystal based life forms. Playing an odite crystal piano's like hitting their kids with 260 tiny little hammers...

Part of the service staff revolts, taking the Maestro and several resort guests hostage in the Crystalspire's Opal Theater. The Maestro needs to be rescued! If something happened to him who's going to pay the crew's resort drink tab?

Here's our 12th mini-dungeon adventure for Swords & Wizardry: The Bridgeway!

Like fighting orcs? Good. Because there's like over two hundred of them that need to be dealt with. And if the group fails the orcs will gain control of a powerful "bridge-sized" artifact that will allow them to move their army almost anywhere in an instant.

"Instant" and "Orc" and "Army" are words that should never appear together in a single sentence. Hopefully your group of adventurers can prevent that from ever happening again…

For those of you who have been keeping any eye on us, you know we've been dealing mostly in fantasy RPGs, with some modern stuff thrown into the mix as well.

Now we're going into space with a new line of mini-adventures compatible with the White Star RPG. Our Astro Adventures line features our best selling Peril at the Pod Auction.

There’s a fortune to be made bidding “sight unseen” on the contents of recovered cargo pods at the Jaroo Pod Auction. Of course some pods are better off left sealed. And still others are better off left drifting in space...

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