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People were asking for it so here it is: all our 4th Edition Buck-A-Batch products in one handy softcover book!

The Treasure Compendium contains everything in our Arcane Armory and Buck-A-Batch 4th Edition PDF’s along with a few Buck-A-Batches you won’t find anywhere else- like Holy Symbols!

The Treasure Compendium contains over 200 pages worth of 4th Edition goodness! Inside you'll find hundreds of new magic items for your role playing campaign; Armor, weapons, masks, potions, tomes, rings and much more!

The Treasure Compendium also features full color artwork from some fantastic artists like Carlos "Celurian" Torreblanca, Sade, Joe Calkins as well as images by Shaman’s Stock Art and Outland Arts.

The Treasure Compendium is available for purchase through!

Our first new D20 Modern product in over 8 years! Buck-A-Batch: Modern Magic Items IV!

Our page of free stuff features our popular Buck-A-Batch: Free Potions for d20 fantasy rules.

Our line of Buck-A-Batch: for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons is now available for download through Paizo.