Here's our 36th mini-dungeon adventure for Swords & Wizardry: Night Crystal Pass!

You’ve been hired by Silver Hammer Trading to investigate a river trade route, running through Night Crystal Pass, that has fallen into disuse. Unfortunately, the dwarves they send along as observers have their own agendas. And then there are the goblins... hideously transformed goblins.

This adventure joins our ever-growing library of mini-dungeons, compatible with Swords & Wizardry rules.

Watch for more S series releases coming soon!

Here's our 6th sci-fi mini-adventure compatible with White Star rules: Robbing the Crusoe!

The Crusoe, a Nue-Energy Corporation research vessel crash landed on the planet Sirocco over a year ago. The planet’s charged atmosphere and endless sandstorms kept the ship’s valuable data out of reach, until now...

There's a bit of a catch though, creatures long dormant, burried in the sands of Sirocco take advantage of the lull in the storm to go on the hunt.

And the lull won't last forever, the crew has to get what they came for and get off the planet, or else risk being stranded.

We recently released a new card game: Dash Through the Dungeon!

Dash Through the Dungeon was designed with younger gamers in mind. It uses a simple card-flip mechanic to reveal creatures, obstacles, and treasures hidden in the dungeon. Basic math skills are necessary to keep track of a player's action points during their turn. Each player also receives equipment cards they can use to aid them in their search.

The game's designed for 2 to 6 players ages 6 and up. It features a deck of 60 Dungeon Cards and 21 Equipment Cards.

Physical copies of this game are available here.


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